The world is full of welcoming countries!

Welcome to the World Travel Learning Center 

World Travel Learning Center is the result of a lifetime of travel by Robert ‘Bo’ Warren to every country in the world, and his commitment to the idea that “the world is not a dangerous place.”  In fact, the world and its people and cultures are friendly, inviting, and always interesting.

Through his travels and experiences, he has come to believe strongly that the world would improve if more of us could travel and interact with individuals from other societies.

We want people to travel the world in a friendly and open-minded way, and in a manner that will allow them to learn and appreciate its different people and cultures.

This means getting off the ship, bus, or car, away from the tour guides and having a chance to meet real people and to interact with them on a personal basis.

It is natural for all of us to be fearful of things that are different, new or unknown.  Across the world, this fear can lead to perceptions that undermine an environment of peace and tranquility.

The World is Not a Dangerous Place!


“By breaking down barriers that stand between different cultures, we believe the world will become a better, friendlier place.”

— Bo Warren

“Instruments for the Children of Kiribati” project

During Bo’s stay on the island country of Kiribati last spring, he witnessed the children’s strong connection to music.  He also noticed that a lack of musical instruments prevented them from pursuing that interest.

Bo made a commitment to the school’s headmaster that upon returning to the United States, he would try to collect new or used musical instruments for the children. Thus the WTLC project “Instruments for the Children of Kiribati” was begun.

Bo in Photo - Children of Kiribati

WTLC is looking for donations of used musical Instruments that will be sent to the Children of Kiribati. 

Any instrument in working order will be accepted as well as donations to ship and fund the project.

Instruments should be sent to:

World Travel Learning Center

℅ Robert Warren
38 Bardwells Ferry Road
Shelburne Falls, MA 01370


to arrange for pickup.

Tax deductible donations may be made online


Interviews with Bo


The Momo Story


36-Year Walkabout

On August 15th “Bo” Warren sat down with Jay Sugarman of New TV’s Innovation Showcase. In the first part Bo talks about his 36-year walkabout, visiting every country in the world.

In this second second part, Bo presents an overview of his non-profit organization the “World Travel Learning Center”.

Nepal & Mt. Everest

Bo’s experiences regarding his visit to Nepal and Mt. Everest.

Live from the South Pacific

Bo Talking to Bob on Feb 23, 2018 from the South Pacific.

Supporting children around the world

A particular interest of Bo’s during his travels has been the children of the world.  He has visited and spoken to groups of school children in many developing countries.  Often these children lack the basic necessities for learning that are found in most western classrooms. Bo and World Travel Learning Center are now working to provide scholarships and aid to these wonderful groups of children.  Read more information about Bo’s “Instruments for the Children of Republic of Kiribati” program and donate to help today!

It is possible by arrangement for small groups to visit Bo’s home in Shelburne, Massachusetts: a semi-museum, filled with artifacts from his years of travel.  Every artifact has a story behind it that helps to provide a better understanding of world cultures and people.  His home also contains all the the journals that Bo has kept during his 36 years of adventures.  Each journal contains notes, stories, hand-drawn maps and some pictures of his encounters.

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Traveling “off the beaten track”

Over his business career, Bo has created and run five different companies.  He has been a true entrepreneur.  At a relatively early age, Bo caught the travel bug and realized he loved the adventure of seeing new and different countries.  While he found the physical aspects to be interesting, he found the people he met infinitely more compelling.

Bo has always traveled by himself, making his own arrangements and timeline.  He has had the flexibility to get off the “beaten track” to experience the unique aspects of each country and its people, beyond normal tourist sites.

Board of Directors

  • Bo Warren President & Chairman
  • T. Langdon Allen CEO, Treasurer
  • Robert Mosco
  • Mary Lynn Sabourin
  • Chris Fruean
  • Eric Warren

WTLC Mission

World Travel Learning Center, Inc. is a non-profit (501(c)3 corporation) set up to provide education to travelers and potential travelers and to encourage people of all ages to visit the world’s countries and expand appreciation, understanding, and acceptance of people and cultures different from our own.