North America

The majority of North America is comprised of Canada, Mexico and the United States.  I have been to 49 of the 50 states in the US, with the exception of Hawaii.  The national parks and cities are not rivaled anywhere else in the world.  One could spend a lifetime traveling in North America without seeing all of the natural and manmade wonders that exist here.  After visiting every country on earth, I have come to realize that there is no other country like The United States of America.  With the highest standard of living, freedom of speech and democracy, it is a lightship for the rest of the world to follow.   It is very important that whatever we do here in the United States, we need to get it right, because the rest of the world is following our lead.   That is a daunting responsibility that we should not take lightly.  I’ve said many times that I’ve been lucky twice in my life.  The first is having established a professional career that enabled me to travel the world and, second, having been born in the United States of America.   Nowhere else in the world is there so much opportunity that a young person with virtually no means and modest intelligence, and with nothing more than determination, could see the entire world. God bless America.

Central America

The seven sovereign countries comprising Central America are all quite different from one another.  The Mayan history of this area is fascinating, from the great temples of the Yucatan peninsula, to Tikal in Guatemala and Copan in Honduras.  The natural wonders of Lake Nicaragua, the island of Ometepe, and the great volcanoes of the Arenal region of Costa Rica make Central America a traveler's delight. Traveling the Pan American highway from Belize to Panama is simply breathtakingly beautiful!

Bo's North American Artifacts