“Instruments for the Children of Republic of Kiribati” program

During Bo’s stay on the island country of Kiribati last spring, he witnessed the children’s strong connection to music.  He also noticed that a lack of musical instruments prevented them from pursuing that interest.  Bo made a commitment to the school’s headmaster that upon returning to the United States, he would try to collect new or used musical instruments for the children.  Thus the project “Instruments for the Children of Kiribati” began.  World Travel Learning Center is actively collecting instruments and donations for the children now!  Please contact if you have instruments to send or make a tax deductible donation to the project today!

Bo Warren “Travel Protégé” program

Bo has implemented a “Travel Protégé” program, selecting a student between the ages of 10 and 14 to travel with him (virtually).  Bo communicates with his selected protégé, asking for assistance and information about the country he is about to enter.  Assistance could be anything from where to stay, economic conditions, political status or just some help on points of interest.  The protégé will stay with Bo for his entire walkabout, and in some cases that could be for months.  The protégé selection process is challenging, but the rewards are worth the effort.  Bo works closely with the families and the schools, helping everyone benefit from his travels firsthand.


Video & Media projects

Over the past year, Bo has been approached by media and video production organizations to tell his story.  From the Boston Globe to Fox Boston News 25, “Around the world with Bo Warren” has been presented in print as well as TV news segments.  Bo is currently working with three video production teams to create more content.  All will eventually be presented and saved to his YouTube channel.  Merrimack-Vikings Productions is currently producing a one hour video to be released soon.  Jason Solowski, an Emmy award winning videographer, is helping Bo produce the video “Children of the World,” and Bo is currently preparing to be interviewed by Innovation Showcase TV on August 15th.  Stay tuned – more to come as he continues to tell his story.